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Oceanaddicts 10 Years on

We are now in the middle of our 3rd lockdown in less than a year and Covid-19 is playing havoc with our lives, our economy,

Advanced Diver

“Cold” Water Diving

For many divers their experience of scuba diving includes sunshine and warm tropical seas and is something they would do on holidays. But for those

Dolphins at the Old Head

Marine Critter Encounters 2017

As divers we often have close up encounters with many varied and wonderful sea creatures. As it is “downtime” here at Oceanaddicts in the run

Kaart Oceanaddicts Kinsale Ierland

Experiences in Ireland

One of the nicest things about operating a dive business like Oceanaddicts is the many new people we meet. Recently we met Nico who is

Work Experience at Oceanaddicts

 by Rachel White Having recently moved from the most inland County in Ireland – Laois to the beautiful coastal town of Kinsale, County Cork, I

Six Degrees of Separation

By Johnny Hamilton In general sea water temperatures take longer to rise and fall than temperatures over land masses. Irelands relatively warm temperate climate is

Mackerel Heaven

by Johnny Hamilton As of late there has been no need to set the alarm clocks on board Embarr as we have consistently been awoken by

A Tall Ship Driven Ashore

By Johnny Hamilton On Wednesday, 24th July, 2013, we bore witness to the sad and tragic sinking of the Tall Ship Astrid. At approximately 12.30pm

Embarr Ahoy!

By Johnny Hamilton It’s the eve of Embarr’s maiden expedition of summer 2013 and on board we have divers from the Bermondsey and Windsor Dive