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The start of the adventure

By February 13, 20102 Comments2 min read

Currently we are in Ramsgate where our boat has gone back in the water today, Friday after she was taken out for survey prior to the completion of the sale. For the past ten years our ship was used as a family home and prior to that as a general purpose fleet tender for the Royal Navy. She is now starting the next leg of her working life with us as the platform for our diving and other adventures along the South coast of Ireland. This is our story starting here and we hope that for some small time you may be able to join us along the way as we live the adventure above and below the waves on the beautiful South coast of Ireland.

Our first adventure is to sail home to Kinsale. Our crew are Graham, Skipper and owner of Oceanadicts along with his wife Anne, the cook and GDB. Joining them for this trip are Simon, and Nigel who are two good men to have with you on a boat.

Depending on weather we will depart Saturday or Sunday, travelling out by the Straits of Dover. The strait is one of the busiest international seaways in the world being used by over 400 commercial vessels daily. Because safety is a critical issue, the HM Coastguard maintains a 24-hour watch over the strait and enforces a strict regime of shipping lanes.
The White Cliffs of Dover look out across the Straits of Dover. The cliff face, which reaches up to 107 meters, owes its striking appearance to its composition of chalk. They have great symbolic value for Britain because they face towards Europe across the narrowest part of the English Channel, where invasions have historically threatened and against which the cliffs form a symbolic guard
From Dover, we’ll follow the coast across southern England passing Brighton, and Portsmouth. Traveling by the coast of Cornwall, we will head for Lands End, once round Lands End we will plot a course for Kinsale. We will be maintaining a constant watch on the weather and may have to pull in or alter course as sea conditions dictate.

We will update this page as we go so please do keep an eye on us we would love to have you on board for the trip.


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