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This year’s Oceanaddicts asked John Collins to run an underwater photography workshop  for divers shooting a SLR rig. It took place on board our liveaboard, Embarr, on the 21st and 22nd of July. Most participants arrived on Friday night and we started the weekend with a sociable drink in the bar of the Trident hotel. It was only a short hop back to the pier where Embarr was moored for the weekend. The work started bang on time at 9.30 am Saturday morning as there was a lot to go through. It was a beautiful sunny morning so this session was held on the top deck where we had a bench set up for the camera rigs.

Divers and Cameras onboard Oisre

Oisre takes Underwater Photographers diving

After a break for lunch Saturday afternoon saw Oisre carrying a valuable cargo of divers and SLR rigs. When shooting a SLR diving photographers have to decide before they go on a dive what lens to put on the camera.  On this occasion our group headed to the Bream Rock at the Old Head of Kinsale for a practical macro photography dive. So here we were six underwater photographers with macro lens on and each were visited by a playful curious seal. (Video John Collins)  Don’t you just hate when that happens… All was not lost however with some photographers taking some wonderful photographs of neudibranch as there was apparently a convention being held at the site

Later that evening various Lighting options were discussed in advance of Sunday’s diving sessions in which photographers would shoot wide angle. The weather looked like it was taking a turn for the worst so it was decided to get up early go diving and then come back for breakfast. It was decided to go back to Bream Rock in the hope that the seal would be still be around, however it must have been too early for him as he was nowhere to be seen.

After talking with the diving photographers who took part in the workshop it was widely felt the they had all learned something and they were looking forward to their next underwater photo shoot. I’m looking forward to seeing all the wonderful images that they are going to produce.

We would like to thank John Collins for giving the workshop, for being so generious with your time, your knowledge and your experiences. I know that everyone on the workshop appreciated all your advise and help.


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