Common Dolphins

Dolphins ride Oisre's Bow Wave

Dolphins ride Oisre’s Bow Wave

Common Dolphins are often seen by divers along the South and South West Coast of Ireland as the travel to and from dive sites.

Common dolphins live in herds ranging from a few tens to several thousands. In cork the herds are normally not that large. They feed on a wide variety of squids and fishes, particularly schooling fish such as herring and sardines. The diet varies seasonally in some areas. The schools adopt a number of different cooperative feeding strategies, including driving the shoals up to the surface where they are easier to feed, often attracting other predators, especially birds to the area.

The most useful field identification features of the common dolphin are the yellowish ochre patches on the sides in front of the dorsal fin and the V formed by the intersection of the different colours just below the dorsal fin.