Angler Fish

An Angler Fish on the Aud

An Angler Fish on the wreck of the Aud lies in wait


The angler fish (known to diners in restaurants as Monk Fish) is a master of camouflage and is very often missed by divers. It is unlike any other fish encountered in the waters of the south Cork coast of Ireland. It has a large flattened head with a wide semi-circular mouth and inward curving, pointed teeth.

A border of fringed lobes surround the head and body. Angler fish have a number of separate, elongate fin rays on its back and it uses the first of these, which  is the longest and terminates in a fleshy lobe, as a fishing rod waving it around to attract pray. Hence its common name. Behind the head the body tapers to a short, thickset tail, (it is this tail that is served in the fish restaurants of south and west Cork).

Angler fish are common all along the South and West coast of Ireland. They are bottom living fish and are found mostly on sand, gravel and rocky ground mainly between 20M to 500M.