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Diving After Completing Your Open Water Course

Diving AnneF COMMENTS 04 May, 2019

You have just completed your PADI Open Water Course, that’s Great, but what’s next?

It’s a great feeling of achievement when you complete your PADI Open Water course, your new card arrives and there it is, the confirmation that you are now a certified diver, qualified to dive to 18m anywhere in the World. So what’s the next step? It might seem obvious but the next step is to go diving.

Very often Students don’t feel ready to dive without their instructor, They worry about controlling their buoyancy, how do they deal with currents, using a different model of BCD, etc. It is normal to feel like this, but what should you do to overcome your lack of confidence.

What you now need are some fun dives to build your experience and confidence in the skills you have learned in your Open Water course. While on these Fun Dives you will meet other divers and potentially a new dive buddy. You could inquire about doing some Specialities, do you have a special interest in Marine life? Then the Underwater Naturalist might be of interest, Have you wanted to take some photos of the marine life since your first dive? Why not inquire about the underwater photography specialty. Maybe wrecks are your thing, yes you guessed it, you can do a wreck specialty. You might want to take the Advanced Open Water course to learn more about underwater navigation or try a deeper dive. Whatever you choose this simple thing to do is to go diving that is the only way to increase your experience, skill, and confidence. Your PADI instructor will discuss with you your next step.

Of course, the most important thing is that you just have fun. diving is a relaxing and amazing experience. Every dive is different and every dive will teach you something while enjoying the wonders of the sea and having fun you will be gaining confidence, experience, and skill. It is my experience that the more you dive the more you will want to dive

So give Oceanaddicts a call the sooner the better. Grab a buddy, maybe someone who was in your course, or we can find you one, Get your gear and go. If you don’t have everything you need yet, rent it. Don’t let too much time pass to capitalize on your fresh new skills.

 Come on and Live the Adventure with Oceanaddicts


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