Diving in Cork

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Oisre in Kinsale on the way to collect divers

Oisre in Kinsale on the way to collect divers

Our Boats

Oceanaddicts operate two ribs, an 8.8m Excalibur Rib with a 260HP inboard diesel engine. She is called “OISRE” which is Irish for “Oyster” and can carry up to 10 divers, but we also take smaller groups or individuals. Oisre provides a very comfortable journey to and from dive sites, with plenty of space for equipment and cameras. We also have a 6M rib called “Up To Something”. Up To Something travels with our Liveaboard when she is on expedition, but otherwise operates as a second day boat. She has twin 40 hp outboard engines.

Diving to Order

We dive whatever you require depending on your grade and experience from 10m dives down to 45m dives. If you would like to find out more contact us graham@oceanaddicts.ie we will be delighted to take you diving. We have Ideal dives for beginners and experienced divers alike as each site has its own unique ecosystem. Whatever you are “into” we have the dive site for you.

Bottle Filling Facility – We can provide Cylinder fills of both Air and Nitrox

Divers Aboard Oisre On Irelands South Coast

Divers Aboard Oisre On Irelands South Coast

Where we Dive

Our Ribs operate from Kinsale. From here we are within 20 to 30 minutes of all the best dive sites in the area.  Explore the ship wrecks of Cork Harbour including the historical Aud, the very interesting Santo and armed trawlers like the Clifton all within normal sport diving depths.

If you prefer scenic diving we can take you to the Ling rocks, one of the most beautiful, under dived, dive sites in Ireland teeming with life and colour. You can also check out Bream Bock just inside the Old Head of Kinsale, the Sovereign Rocks, and Black Head to mention just a few.

Marine Life

You want fish; we got ’em, Pollack as big as your arm, Congers as big as yourself, Angler Fish, Sunfish even Basking sharks during the summer season.

Club Holidays

If you or your club are coming to Cork why not stop off and have a couple of dives with us or if you are on a longer break then stay in Kinsale, “the Gourmet Capital of Ireland” and dive from our Day Boats. Experience the best the sea has to offer in West Cork.